Different Stages of Dental Implant Process

Dental implant is a kind of dental surgery, which is performed to implant a new teeth replacing broken teeth or missing teeth of patient. It can be done by deploying different technologies, and depending upon technologies, time frame for dental implant may vary. Generally, three types of technologies or methodologies are there for dental implants in chennai, and they are:

Two Stage Implant

As the name implies, this type of dental implant process has been performed in two stages, and it would take minimum 3 months. In the first stage, placement of implant has been done, and the process may take one to two sessions. In the second stage, crown fabrication has been done. This methodology is obsolete these, but it is applied where single stage implant is not viable.

Singe Stage Implant

This is the latest and the most modernized dental implant technology. The process consists of stages, like extractions, placing implants and crown fabrication. The whole process may take two weeks to be completed.

Immediate Implant

Immediate implant is a specialized technique for dental implant. As the name suggests, this is the quickest method for dental implant, usually takes 1 day. However, before implant scanning, testing and evaluating processes are needed to be carried out.